Ca$h Paid for Your Wrecked Car

Got Junk? Wrecked Your Ride?

Text “JUNK ME” To 217-306-4969 anytime!

You’ll tell us about your car…including details such as:

  • Make, model and year
  • Condition of your car
  • Do you have a title? (If not, no big deal, we will tell you what you need to do.)
  • Whether you can bring it in, or if you need a tow (you get more $ if you can bring it in!)

Your request comes in, and we contact you right away. We’ll schedule a pick up or drop off of your car. Before you know it, your car is ready to get junked! We can usually pick up your car on the SAME DAY you need it done. You get paid!

We are a licensed auto recycler, not some Joe down the street. Your car is carefully drained of all fluids and dangerous chemicals, metals are sorted out, even the door switches that have the heavy metal mercury are removed and recycled in the appropriate manner to keep the environment safe and healthy!

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